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How To Prepare For Your LA Tax Appeal Hearing

Are you gearing up for a tax appeal hearing in Los Angeles?

It's important to be well-prepared and informed about the process to ensure the best possible outcome.

Whether you're contesting your property value or requesting a hearing, we'll help you make sure you're ready for every step of the process.

Key Takeaways:

How to Prepare for Your Tax Appeal Hearing in Los Angeles

Preparing for your tax appeal hearing in Los Angeles involves understanding the assessment review process and gathering relevant evidence to support your position as a taxpayer.

Once you receive a notice of assessment from the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office, it's important to carefully review it for any discrepancies or errors. You have the right to request an assessment review if you believe that the valuation of your property is inaccurate.

To support your position, gather admissible evidence such as property records, comparable sales data, and any relevant documentation that showcases the true value of your property.

Talk with BOE

Before proceeding with your tax appeal, it's important to have a conversation with the Board of Equalization (BOE) to understand the process and requirements for property tax appeals.

Social Media

Social media platforms can be valuable resources for taxpayers seeking information and insights related to tax appeals, finance, and assessment review processes.

BOE Resources

The Board of Equalization provides a variety of resources to aid individuals in navigating the assessment appeals process, including guides, forms, and application assistance.

Legal Resources

Accessing legal resources can provide valuable insights into the admissible evidence and documentation necessary for a successful tax appeal process.

External Tax Resources

Plus official channels, external tax resources can offer insights into different types of property tax bills and avenues for filing an appeal.

Contesting Your Property Value

Contesting your property value involves understanding the reasons for reassessment and providing compelling evidence to support your case during the appeal process.

Requesting a Hearing

Requesting a hearing for your tax appeal involves submitting the necessary forms and documentation within the specified filing period to secure a hearing date.

AAB Resources

The Assessment Appeals Board (AAB) offers a comprehensive video library as part of its resources to assist individuals in understanding the appeals process and related requirements.

Video Library

The video library offered by the Assessment Appeals Board (AAB) provides valuable information on assessment appeals, with features such as closed captioning and language translation options for accessibility.

These accessibility options cater to a diverse audience, ensuring that the content is comprehensible and inclusive for individuals with differing needs.

Closed captioning facilitates understanding for those who are hearing impaired, while language translation allows non-English speakers to access the resources in their preferred language.

The video library's intuitive interface makes navigation a hassle-free experience. Users can easily search for relevant content and filter by different categories, streamlining the process of accessing crucial information on assessment appeals.

Reference Guides and Forms

The reference guides and forms available through the Assessment Appeals Board (AAB) are essential resources for individuals navigating the appeal filing process and understanding the associated requirements.

These comprehensive reference guides cover various aspects of the assessment appeal process, including the necessary documentation, timelines, and legal requirements. They serve as a valuable tool for individuals seeking clarity on the steps involved, ensuring that they fulfill all prerequisites for a successful appeal.

The meticulously designed forms provided by the AAB simplify the process and help ensure that all relevant information is accurately and completely conveyed. By utilizing these resources, individuals can proceed through the appeal filing process with confidence and efficiency.

Website Accessibility Certification

The Assessment Appeals Board (AAB) website has received accessibility certifications, ensuring compatibility with various devices, such as mobiles, for seamless online appeal filing.

In line with the increasing importance of technology accessibility, these certifications are pivotal in guaranteeing that individuals with disabilities can effectively access and utilize the AAB website.

The mobile compatibility aspect holds significant weight as it allows users to conveniently file appeals using their smartphones or tablets, without any hindrances.

These certifications underscore the AAB's commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable digital environment, thereby enabling a diverse range of users to navigate the website effortlessly.


The agency responsible for assessment appeals provides an online platform for submitting hearing evidence, facilitating a streamlined process for relevant document submission.

This online platform serves as a convenient tool for appellants and their representatives to securely upload crucial evidence, such as medical records, expert testimonies, or additional documentation supporting their case.

With this innovative system, appellants can easily track the progress of their submissions, receive notifications about the status of their evidence, and ensure that all necessary materials are accurately and promptly delivered to the reviewing authorities.

Certification date

The certification date for tax appeals holds significance for taxpayers, particularly in relation to eligibility for fee waivers and other procedural aspects.

When a taxpayer seeks to appeal a tax decision, the certification date marks a crucial milestone in the process. It determines whether the taxpayer meets the necessary deadlines for initiating the appeal and can have a direct impact on the validity of the appeal.

The certification date is often linked to the taxpayer's eligibility for fee waivers, allowing individuals to request relief from paying certain appeal-related fees. Understanding the implications of the certification date is essential for taxpayers to navigate the appeals process effectively.


Maintaining up-to-date contact information is essential for taxpayers involved in tax appeals, ensuring seamless communication and the ability to receive relevant updates and notifications.

Without current contact details, individuals may miss crucial notices regarding their tax appeals, leading to potential delays and misunderstandings. Keeping accurate phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses on file with the appropriate tax authorities is crucial for staying informed about important deadlines, hearing dates, and documentation requests.

Additionally, updating contact information promptly can help individuals avoid missed correspondence and ensure they are reachable promptly in case of any urgent updates or developments in their appeals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tax appeal hearing and why do I need to prepare for it?

A tax appeal hearing is a legal proceeding that allows a taxpayer to challenge their tax assessment or penalty. It is important to prepare for the hearing in order to present your case effectively and increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

How can I request a tax appeal hearing in Los Angeles?

To request a tax appeal hearing in Los Angeles, you must submit a written request to the County Clerk of the Board of Supervisors within 60 days of receiving your tax assessment or penalty notice. This request should include your contact information, the tax year in question, and a detailed explanation of why you are appealing.

What documents should I bring to my tax appeal hearing?

You should bring any relevant documents that support your case, such as tax returns, receipts, and bank statements. It is also helpful to bring any correspondence you have had with the tax authority regarding your assessment.

Can I represent myself at a tax appeal hearing or do I need a lawyer?

You have the right to represent yourself at a tax appeal hearing in Los Angeles. However, tax laws and procedures can be complex, so it may be beneficial to hire a tax lawyer or seek advice from a tax professional to help you prepare and present your case.

What should I expect at my tax appeal hearing in Los Angeles?

At your tax appeal hearing, a panel of hearing officers will listen to your case, review the evidence, and make a decision. You will have the opportunity to present your arguments and evidence, as well as respond to any questions or concerns from the panel.

What happens after my tax appeal hearing in Los Angeles?

After your tax appeal hearing, the panel will make a decision and send you a written notice of their decision. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may have the option to appeal to a higher court or seek other legal remedies.

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