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About Us

Los Angeles Tax Appeal, a distinguished commercial real estate tax appeal firm in Los Angeles County, caters to the needs of commercial property owners. Our objective is to safeguard our clients from unwarranted taxation by local tax authorities.

The task of dealing with assessor's offices can be intricate and demanding. At Los Angeles Tax Appeal, we capitalize on our robust connections with these offices, managing every element of the property tax appeal process. This encompasses the submission of appeal applications, data exchange, property value assessment, negotiation undertakings, representation at Assessment Appeals Boards, and tracking of refunds.

Our method involves crafting effective appeals using advanced valuation techniques and strong arguments, aimed at considerably reducing the taxable value of your property. We prioritize our clients' interests, ensuring transparent and continuous communication throughout the appeal journey.

Los Angeles Tax Appeal is devoted to ensuring that you are only charged a fair amount in property taxes. Our team of experienced property tax consultants, equipped with proven strategies, has consistently secured significant tax reductions for our clients. We have a remarkable record of appealing successfully with Assessor’s Offices nationwide, achieving a 95% success rate and an average reduction in taxable value of 25%.

You can trust that your property's valuation will be thoroughly reviewed and protected against excessive taxation by our expert team. We take pride in our exceptional customer service at Los Angeles Tax Appeal and are always available to address any inquiries or concerns at any stage of the appeal process.

Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper

Property Tax Consultant

Brian Cooper began his real estate career in 2002. Brian's career has led him to engage directly with complex and demanding properties throughout the Los Angeles area. This includes his notable involvement with a significant 720,000 square foot office complex in Los Angeles. His profound knowledge in the valuation of commercial properties and mastery of real estate tax legislation have culminated in an impressively high success rate in property tax appeals.

Eric Lam

Eric Lam

Head of Business Strategy

Eric Lam serves as our Head of Business Strategy. With a background in software development and SEO strategy, Eric’s ability to pinpoint market gaps has been instrumental in the founding of LA Tax Appeal. His family’s legacy in real estate, with both his grandfather and father being renowned figures in the field, has deeply influenced his dedication and expertise in the realm of commercial property tax appeals.